Wedding Labels
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Richmond Winery can make your Wedding label unique. For a Wedding, Special Event or your own Private Reserve, we will custom-design a label that has the look and feel you are after. You can also include a photograph if you wish, or bring your own design. Your wine (or beer or water) bottle label will be truly unique and you will love the results. We work with your ideas to be sure to capture what you had in mind. If your label style is in stock, you could have the finished result by the next day! Sometimes, miracles do happen. Let’s get started!.

Phrase Suggestions for your labels:

"Today I will marry my best friend."
"Join us in celebration, on our special day."
"To celebrate the first day of the rest of our lives together."
"To have and to hold from this day forward."
"When two hearts become one."
"May all your days be filled with love."
"The joining of two hearts... souls... lives."
"Love washes in like the tide soothing the parched sand."
"No hill too steep, no trail too long, to keep our love from growing strong."
"With this ring I thee wed."
"Two hearts, two lives, joined together in friendship."
"Thanks for being here at the start of our new life together."
"Join us on this special day, where two become one."
"Love fills the moment, and the moment begins eternity."
"The miracle of love is that love is given to us, to give to others."
"Love lights the hearts of those who share it."


Labels can be designed in following sizes:
10cm x 8.5 cm  (3.75"x 3") Default Size
12cm x 9.1 cm (4.7"x3.6") (Extra charges might apply for those)
8.6cm x 5.8 cm (3.38"x 2.28")


Hall of Fame Wedding Labels. We have lots more on our stores Hall of Fame Walls, come take a look.