About Us
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About Us

Richmond Winery, established in 1995 by Barry and Pam Mills; was first located on Richmond Street Downtown London; and boasted to be one of the first wine making facilities in the City. With that Tenure many products by several different suppliers graced the shelves. It became clear that not all suppliers offered the same level of quality for a fair price. At Richmond Winery we are serious about our commitment to offer QUALITY at a price everyone can afford.

Our Wine Kits are produced from 100% pure varietal grape juice; sourced from all over the World. No Powders here! They are packaged complete with everything you need to produce award winning wines.

What you can expect on your visit:

1) Only Superior grapes from around the world
2) Clean and Sterile working environment
3) On-Site State of the Art Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System
4) Inclusive Pricing- no “add ons” for custom labels, corks, shrinks or taxes!
5) Personalized labels available
6) FREE PARKING directly in front and back of store
7) Assistance with loading and unloading to your car
8) Service with a smile; working directly with the owner.
9) Glenbriar Water sales on site.

Affordable Prices

Did you know when you buy a bottle of wine at the LCBO (with your hard earned after-tax dollars) that up to
70% of your purchase price goes to various taxes and levies? Sour grapes indeed! Why not get great tasting wine for 1/4 to 1/3 of what you’d pay at retail?


There is a real pride that comes with custom-vinting your own wine. Sample your wine as soon as it’s ready in our tasting room, then age your wine and experience the subtle difference in the taste that develops over time.

Save  the Planet, Drink Wine!

We believe in minimizing our impact on the environment in all our business practices. When you make wine with us, we sterilize and reuse your bottles over and over. Plus, our wines have less than 1/7th the preservatives of those available commercially.

The  Wine Making Process

Once you’ve chosen your wine, you’ll need to come into the store to start your wine. This is a process called “dropping yeast”, and it only takes a couple of minutes. When you come in, we’ll have the grape juice ready to go. You just have to take a small packet of yeast and add it to the juice. By doing this yourself, you avoid the taxes that the Ontario government puts on wine purchased at the LCBO.

Then you go home, put your feet up, and relax. Over the next 4-8 weeks, we take care of the intermediate processing steps like stabilizing and filtering your wine and getting it ready for bottling. When that’s done, we’ll let you know that your wine is ready to be bottled.

When you come in for your bottling appointment, we’ll sterilize your bottles for you (or you can buy new ones from us for $1/bottle), then set you up on one of our two bottling stations. As your bottles get filled, you’ll use the air-powered corker to cork them, shrink-wrap the tops in the colour of your choice, and apply your labels. You’re also welcome to sample your wine in our tasting lounge.

Stop by now, & be ready for the following in 30 days;

*A glass of wine at the end of a long day.

*Wine ready to pour when guests pop in.

*A personalized holiday gift.

*A special gift for clients.