Personalized wine labels make a beautiful, unique gift or can be used to add a special touch to your private wine collection. They’re also perfect for other special occasions and celebrations such as anniversaries, parties, New Year’s celebrations, and grand openings, as well as corporate gifts. Custom labels come FREE with most of our Wine packages.
We offer custom label printing services. Whether you are making wine in the store or at home or somewhere else and would like us to create the perfect label our experienced designer is here to help.

Gift cards

These are the times of the year – you scratching the bottom of your scalp, figuring out the most appropriate birthday/anniversary/christmas gifts for your friends/partners/in-laws. Well, we can help alleviating the miseries.

Barrel Rental

We have 20 used rustic Wine Barrels for renal for various events. The cost per event is $35 a barrel.

Equipment rental

For the at home wine maker we offer equipment rental. Why waste all day playing with siphons, subjecting your friends and family to unfiltered wine, when you can borrow our professional grade equipment for your bottling needs.