Price Match Policy

Price matching:
Our goal is always to be the low price leader in every community where we operate. Our customers trust us to have every day low prices … there’s no need for “special sales.”

We’ll match and beat by %5 any local retail competitors advertised price on every wine kit we sell, at the time of purchase. Our low price commitment covers all new, factory sealed products of the same brand and similar brands (ie 10l 4 week kit to another 10l 4 week kit) that are available, and in stock, at any local retail store.

We reserve the right to verify that the competitor is an authorized dealer located in Canada, that the advertisement is correct, and that the merchandise is similar, and is in-stock at the competitor’s local store. The competitor’s offer must be in effect at the time of the Price Match request and the advertisement must pertain to the same geographic area.

Competitor price matching applies to the following brands:

Andrew Peller (Winexperts, Wine Kitz, Vineco)

RJS Craft Winemaking (Grand Cru, Glad Hatter, Orchard Breezin, Vino del Vida, …)

ABC Cork (Wine Lovers, Fontana)

…any many others.