As hands-on owners, this commitment shows through in everything we do. Simply put, no task is too big or too small in our quest to make every sip of our wines be the best it can possibly be.

Diversity for complexity.

Over 200 varieties of red and white wine. Wines that capture the “somewhereness” of good wine.

Varietal Wines

At Stratus, we embraced the opportunity to create a new kind of winery. Guided by the principles of loose fit, long life and low energy, we built an adaptable state-of-the-art facility that produces the best possible wine with the smallest possible environmental impact.

Designed for Wine

A building designed to make premium wine. A facility where almost every piece of equipment can be reconfigured in response to the demands of winemaking. Even simple equipment as bottle washer can be set up in more than 9 different ways.

A four-nozzle bottle filler helps us move wine with little expouse to outside, which can introduce air and compromise flavours. Instead, our wine flows naturally, from stainless steel or glass fermenters into your bottles, where it will age under your care
the cellar master.*

Amarone. Cabarnet Sauvignon. Merlot. Icewines. Chardonnay Pinogt Grgio. Mango Strawberry.

Distinctly individual, yet all crafted to the same exacting standard. Worthy of contemplation, while remaining – always – simply enjoyable.